Harman Kardon Multi Room Citation Smart Speakers

Harman Kardon Multi Room
10 December 2021

Harman Kardon Multi Room Citation Smart Speakers

Harman Kardon Multi Room Citation Smart Speakers

Control your music throughout your entire home.

Harman Kardon Speakers can be used as standalone, paired to create Stereo Sound or multiplied to create a Harman Kardon Sound System. Use more than one speaker across your home to create Multi room audio entertainment. Contrary to popular beliefs, you can create a significant Multi-room sound system without ridiculous expenses. Harman Kardon Speakers offer exactly that. Control your home audio system with just the sound of your voice with these Google-Assistant Speakers or with just the touch of a button. 

What is a Multi Room Sound System?

Multiroom sound systems simply mean adding more than one speaker to your home in different rooms to create a Wireless Speaker System and sound in every room.

How to use Harman Kardon Speakers

Harman Kardon's Citation Smart Speakers are wireless and can most easily be controlled via the Google Home app. Google Home sets up, connects and controls the wireless devices in your home. With the help of Google Assistant, it is also possible to control your speakers using your voice.  Simply say "Hey Google Play on Citation One" and the rest is to be enjoyed. Streaming services including Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify can be used to stream and better control your music. Suitable for Apple and Android users, a multi-room sound system is supported by platforms such as Airplay and Google Chromecast.

Where do I position my Harman Kardon Citation Speakers?

To create the Ultimate Harman Kardon Multi-room Sound System, you now may want to know where each speaker could go.

Citation Oasis - Sound right next to your bed

Harman Kardon's Citation Oasis is designed for the Bedroom. With one of its main purposes as an alarm clock, the Oasis would ideally be positioned next to the bed. This Smart Speaker is all about convenience. Wirelessly charge your phone, enjoy an undisturbed night's sleep and wake up to the sound of your favourite music.

Citation One MKII - Sound just about anywhere

The Harman Kardon Citation One MKII can be positioned just about anywhere you'd like. Citation One offers room-filling sound from a stylish compact design. From your hallway to your kitchen to your lounge. With this Smart Speaker, the choice is yours. 

Citation 200 - Bring your music outside

Harman Kardon's Citation 200 is a Portable Smart Speaker. Take your music outside with you. With 8 hours of continuous playback and a splash-proof design, play powerful HD Sound even further than your back garden. 

Citation 300 - Host in the Kitchen

With the heart of the house being the kitchen, it would only be right to take a speaker as powerful as the Citation 300 in here. Host from your kitchen or just make cooking that bit more fun. With Google Assistant, control your music solely with your voice and with no hassle. With a Stereo Sound effect, Citation 300 offers a superior sound system from the capacity of one smart speaker.

Citation 500 - Bring your Living Room to Life

Prepare to transform your space. Bring your living room to life with Harman Kardon's Citation 500 Smart Speaker. This powerful tabletop Smart Speaker is suitable for the larger rooms in your home. Empower any living space by playing your favourite music on Citation 500. 

Citation Towers - Transform your lounge

These Freestanding Smart Speakers are the real deal. Harman Kardon's Citation Towers offer an immersive sound system in the comfort of your living room. Position the two towers on either side of your screen to experience audio like never before. Watch your favourite movies, and series or play your favourite Games with breathtakingly exciting audio. Without compromising on style, the Citation towers deliver room-filling sound to impress the whole family. These show-stoppers can turn your living room into a home cinema system with a stylish finish.

Citation MultiBeam 700 - Upgrade your TV System

Harman Kardon's Citation MultiBeam 700 is a smart compact soundbar producing surround sound right in the comfort of your home. Position the MultiBeam below your TV and without the need for additional speakers, the MultiBeam technology creates a full surround sound effect. Meaning you can experience audio from every corner of your room. So it's impressive, to say the least. Your MultiBeam can also be added as a centre speaker alongside the Citation Towers and the Surround Speakers.

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