How to create your Dream Dedicated Home Cinema

How to create your Dream Dedicated Home Cinema
26 October 2021

How to create your Dream Dedicated Home Cinema

How to create your Dream Dedicated Home Cinema 

Often we hear that our customers have been quoted hundreds of thousands for a dedicated home cinema system. Although a luxury experience in the comfort of your home doesn’t come cheap, creating your dream home cinema has been made attainable by our Dedicated Home Cinema Simply, measure your room dimensions and then choose your: Projector, Screen, Speaker System and Home Cinema Seating to create an immersive audio and visual cinematic experience.

Using the steps below you can create your dream dedicated home cinema.

Step 1. Dimensions

The first step to create your dedicated home cinema would be to measure the dimensions of your chosen space or room. These dimensions will be essential for the size of your screen, the distance between your projector and your screen and the distance between your seating (viewing distance) and screen. We'd recommend measuring your room dimensions in metres. 

Step 2. Choose your Projector 

Choosing your Projector is key to determine the quality of your home cinema system. In order to achieve an image worthy of a home cinema, a 4K enhanced, Native 4K or an 8K Projector is a must. With our supply of Home Cinema Projectors ranging from around £2k-18k, there are many options available depending on your requirements and your budget. Deciding between different projectors with different specifications can be challenging, as such we would recommend to visit our Demonstration rooms with a range of our most popular Home Cinema Projectors based in our Shop in Telford, Shropshire.

Book a demo to help you choose your Home Cinema Projector.

Step 3. Choose your Screen 

After measuring your room dimensions and deciding on your projector, you would now need to choose a projector screen. In a dedicated home cinema room, our Fixed Frame Projector Screens are the most-popular and are available in sizes ranging from 100" to 170" diagonal. Deciding on the size of your screen is dependent on how far away you will be sitting. Using your dimensions, you should be able to have an idea of where your viewing distance will be. With your viewing distance decided, we would now be able to recommend you a screen size using our 'How do I choose the screen size?' guide. Click here to view our recommended screen sizes. 

Step 4. Positioning your projector from your screen 

Having selected your projector, screen and screen size, you now need to position your projector at a recommended distance from your screen. Simply, different size screens require projectors to be positioned at different distances away from the screen. Using the bottom half of the same guide, you can view our recommended projector to screen distances in order to position your projector.

Step 5. Choosing Home Cinema Speakers

To create draw-dropping audio, the right speakers and the right amount of speakers are crucial. When creating an audio system in your dedicated Home Cinema, it is recommended to choose none other than Dolby Atmos supported Speakers. Our specialists are available to contact and create custom audio systems tailored to your dedicated home cinema space. 

Step 6. Home Cinema Seating

To complete your dream dedicated home cinema,  we supply a range of Luxurious Moovia seating. Due to the requirement of customisation, you would need to contact us in regards to Moovia Home Cinema Seating. 

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