Dali Phantom H-80 R In-Wall Speaker | Each

Dali Phantom H-80 R uses the same sound and same features but with a new sleek design. Using a rectangular finish, the H-80 R creates outstanding sound quality even when seated off-centre.

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Description / Dali Phantom H-80 R In-Wall Speaker | Each

About the H-80 In-wall Speaker

The PHANTOM H-80 R In-wall speaker is the loudspeaker you choose when large, dynamic and well-defined sound really matters. The sound performance is clear, detailed and yet controlled and powerful. As for the soundstage, it will extend into every corner of even larger rooms and home cinemas. 

The DALI PHANTOM H-80 R is an in-wall speaker built around traditional loudspeaker technologies. At its centre is the easy to recognize the DALI woofer cone made from a mix of paper pulp and wood fibre. This gives the cone a light, well-behaved, but random structure that helps reproduce even the smallest details in the music.

The powerful low-loss magnet system delivers precision and timing to the low frequencies and the ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter adds great resolution to the high frequencies. Together they blend into a very coherent, highly detailed, clear, and natural soundstage. 


A true Hi-Fi speaker is able to deliver a believable soundstage, render even the smallest micro-detail in the audio signal without colouration while letting the amplifier do all the work. DALI has designed the woofer in the PHANTOM H-80 R to meet these and many more demands. By basing the woofer around the trademark DALI material, the lightweight and very well-behaved wood fibre cone, we lay the groundwork for reproducing every small detail in the music, delivering a high-resolution mid-range and the precise and coherent bass DALI is well known for.

To support this even further the cone terminates in a low-loss rubber surround and both the surround and the spider holding the cone assembly are optimized for long excursions. All this is controlled by a powerful magnet motor system that ensures that the cone assembly can start and stop promptly. Double magnets work on the 30 mm voice coil and together they deliver a high magnetic flux. The large voice coil diameter furthermore helps increase power handling.


A large part of the DALI sonic definition comes from the use of a soft dome tweeter. The ferrite-driven magnet motor system is able to handle more power and disperses heat generated in the voice coil rapidly, thereby reducing power compression.

The ultra light-weight weave fabric combined with the very capable magnet motor system allows the tweeter to reproduce high frequencies with higher accuracy, giving the PHANTOM H-80 R an impressively detailed sound.

The shape of the tweeter front plate around the dome has been optimised to create the optimal working conditions for the soft dome. The aim is to combine an extended frequency response with wide dispersion and low colouration, and improve the integration of both the tweeter and the mid/bass driver

Key Features:

Just as the renowned H-Series, the H-R Series features:

  • Wood Fibre Cones - using low mass and low resonance material to create an uncoloured sound.
  • Low Resonance Baffle - Featuring an MDF baffle to help dampen any unnecessary and unwanted resonances and lower distortions.
  • Wide Dispersion - Optomised for fantastic off-axis listening, you can enjoy your favourite music at a high quality even when seated off-centre.


Lead Time AvailabilityIn Stock
Speaker Grille ShapeSquare
Overall Width28.4
Overall Height45.2
Overall Depth9.5
Cut-Out Size42.7 x 26.0 cm
Frequency Response46 - 25,000Hz
Impedance (Nominal)6
Sensitivity (1W@1M)90
Maximum SPL109
Recommended Amp30 - 200W
Drivers Unit Complement1 x 28mm Soft dome 1 x 8"
Fixing TypeIn Wall | In Ceiling
Weight (Kg)3.7 kg


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