Dedicated Home Cinema, Shropshire

dedicated home cinema
20 June 2022

Dedicated Home Cinema, Shropshire



Dedicated home cinema with alien playing on screenDedicated home cinema with alien playing on screen

Helping a movie fan create his dream home cinema

You're a movie fan, you’ve been collecting memorabilia for years and have quite the collection, what's missing? Your own home cinema of course. 

This was the dream of a homeowner in Shropshire. He had always wanted a cinema room to sit back and relax with his favourite movies surrounded by his memorabilia, but he had always thought this kind of space was out of his price range. Luckily he found us on Google and after realising we were close he booked a demo on our website.

“I arranged a demo in their designated demo theatre rooms. Boy did I underestimate what I went to see. The two rooms are fabulous! The main cinema demo room is something out of MTV cribs. The best theatre room I’ve ever seen!“

Home cinema with movie memorabiliaHome cinema with movie memorabilia
Projector sat on custom shelf attached to beamsProjector sat on custom shelf attached to beams

After the demo, we sat down with the customer and discussed his budget and planned out the equipment that he would need to create his dream space.

To create the authentic cinematic experience he was after we suggested a 170” Acoustic Pure Theatre fixed screen in an Anamorphic format to show movies at their very best. The micro-woven matt white fabric is designed to allow speakers to be positioned behind the screen which is exactly what we did. Monitor Audio in-wall speakers sit behind the screen, coupled with 4 in-ceiling speakers and a REL subwoofer. This gives the room a 5.1.2 surround sound system.

Projection came from the ever-reliable Epson EH-TW9400W, mounted on a custom-made Pure Theatre projector shelf which was neatly attached to a beam in the property. Hooked up to a Marantz AV receiver the customer can play anything he wants. This fantastic example of a dedicated home cinema is the epitome of a movie lover's dream. More importantly than anything the customer was over the moon.

“The room has turned out better than I ever dreamt! I now have the designated theatre room I always dreamt of, but I’m actually able to afford it. I always thought it would cost far more than it actually did. Chris can put together a package for anyone's needs. They really were helpful from start to finish. Best thing I’ve ever owned!”

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