Ceiling Recessed Projector Screens

Ceiling Recessed Projector Screens, conceal in your ceiling when not in use to transform any room into a home cinema at the touch of a button. These motorised projector screens smoothly retract to create a flush ceiling appearance ensuring that your home theatre performs and looks great too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We do supply Fixed projector screens fitted with Acoustically transparent fabric for use with in wall speakers. Our ceiling recessed projector screens do not however have an option for acoustic fabric.

  • With our ceiling-recessed screens we offer 4 different screen format options. The most popular option is the 16:9 format. this is best for standard TV viewing. Our anamorphic option 2:35:1 is fantastic for movies and therefore more suited to a dedicated cinema room where you are less likely to watch standard TV shows. 

    We also offer the traditional 4:3 and commercial 16:10 options, these are however more niche options.

  • Yes! Our lifts and screens work with all known control systems

  • The exact position to which a screen stops can be easily and accurately programmed using the remote control by:




    STEP 1. Press Programming button briefly once. POSITION STATUS LED starts flashing.


    STEP 2. The flashing will continue for approx.10 seconds. Then the screen will lower automatically.


    STEP 3. Press STOP button when screen is just above desired position.


    STEP 4. Press DOWN button (multiple times) to fine tune the screen position.


    STEP 5. Press STOP button again to store the final position.


    STEP 6. Once the stop position is stored the POSITION STATUS LED will extinguish.


    Your screen will now use this position as its Primary Stop position.









    STEP 1. Press PROGRAMMING button briefly once. POSITION STATUS LED starts flashing.


    STEP 2. Press UP button whilst POSITION STATUS LED is flashing. (within 10 seconds)


    The primary stop is now deleted.


  • A detailed description of what wiring you will need can be found here:


  • The correct screen size will give the most comfortable viewing. This is calculated based on how far away you are sitting, and remember, screens are measured in width, so you need to be sitting 1.5 to 2 times the width of the screen away

    Simply take a look at our how to guide on choosing your screen size.

  • Yes!. An emulsion paint can be used on the screens and lifts to match with your decor

  • No! We provide 40mm long  M5 fixing screws with our template. Longer screws will damage the screen and render any warranty invalid


    Our lifts and screens come complete with a worldwide power supply.


    Mains voltage input from 100v to 240v @ 50-60Hz.

  • To calculate your recommended screen size please visit:  Screen Size Calculator