How to Layout an AV Rack

AV racks
10 March 2020

How to Layout an AV Rack

How to Layout an AV Rack

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In this blog we are discussing AV rack layout. AV Racks are most successful when well planned out and designed. We have therefore answered some of the most common questions below to help with the layout of your AV rack.

How to keep my expensive AV equipment safe

Installing the heavy equipment on the bottom half of the rack will provide the best safety and stability.  This is true whether you are bolting the rack to the ground or having it free standing. With most of the mass installed toward the bottom you will produce a lower centre of gravity for the rack.  This equates to a rack less likely to tip over, keeping your expensive equipment safe. Our rack mount trays incorporate a rubber edged clamping bar that holds your device in place.

How shall I organise my rack?

In terms of organisation as we have said firstly the heavy equipment should be placed at the bottom. Secondly, take time to consider what items you access the most, then you to locate them in an accessible region of your rack. By placing them between hand and eye you will make the rack more functional in the long run, as the most frequently accessed items by the end user will be at an appropriate working height. Keep this rack space for user accessible inputs, like media ingestion (USB, Blu-ray Disc, portable hard-drive disks, auxiliary audio or video inputs). 

Grouping related equipment together is all about efficiency.  In terms of audio this can reduce the need for long interconnects and for video sources it will minimise cabling distance.  Grouping in the following categories can work well Audio, Video, Control & Network.

Pure Theatre AV Racks PS4Pure Theatre AV Racks PS4

Do I need a specialized AV Rack?

Pure Theatre™ Rack Mount Shelves will fit all universal 19” Rack Cabinets of which you can find a large range of different styles and finishes online to suit any install.

How do I make it look good?

Choosing precision-engineered rack shelves to fit your devices offers the ultimate installation of your home cinema system. Creating a uniform appearance across your AV rack really does give a professional finish. Our rack shelves are finished in a hard wearing powder coated finish, in matt black texture, so you can be sure your AV equipment will look right at home.

Will IR emitters still work?

Sometimes you will need to position an IR emitter on the front of your device, for additional control. We thought of that when designing our racks and have incorporated a small wire slot directly under the IR receiver location.

You don’t have a rack shelf for my device?

Don’t worry, if you have a device that doesn’t already have a rack mount shelf, we will custom make one for you, and if you are in a hurry you can use our “make it while you wait” service.

Take a look at our full range of rack mount shelves here

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