Formovie Projector impresses in Laser TV Showdown

Projector central laser tv showdown
8 August 2022

Formovie Projector impresses in Laser TV Showdown

Formovie Projector impresses in Laser TV Showdown

We always say here at Pure Theatre that the only way to truly compare projectors is with a shootout. It is therefore exciting to see the results of the 2022 Projector Central Laser TV Showdown.

The Laser TV Showdown hosted by ProjectorCentral and saw a face-off between 14 laser UST projectors. Split into two categories or Triple Laser and Single laser projectors. Single laser models typically have a blue laser combined with a phosphor wheel or chip and usually a colour wheel to generate the three primary colours of red, green, and blue. Triple laser projectors usually have dedicated red, green, and blue lasers that have the potential to provide a wider colour gamut. The showdown tested the projectors in an array of different areas and modes. 

The evaluation studio set up at's New Jersey headquarters allowed for simultaneous viewing of a maximum of eight contenders on matching 100-inch ambient light-rejecting (ALR) screens designed specifically for USTs, plus a high-end JVC DLA-NZ8 reference projector in a dimmed, adjoining space projecting on a reference quality, matte-white screen to allow judges to better assess which projectors looked "most right." Multiple sponsors as described in this article stepped up with the expensive test instruments, signal distribution infrastructure, source/reference components, and screens to make the Showdown happen.


Six expert judges were recruited from the calibration and A/V editorial communities to judge the projectors, including the following respected calibrators and reviewers:

• Chris Eberle, professional ISF-trained display calibrator, display reviewer for Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity (, display reviewer for Tom's Hardware (

• Al Griffin, Senior Editor, Home Entertainment US and display reviewer for Tech Radar (, former editor-in-chief/display reviewer for Sound & Vision (, ISF-trained calibrator

• Mark Henninger, Managing Editor for Home Theater Review (, former editor-in-chief for, contributing technical editor/UST projector reviewer for, THX-trained calibrator

• Chris Majestic, YouTube projector reviewer and influencer at MajesTechs (

• Ralph Potts, veteran Blu-ray Reviewer and A/V writer at

• Sammie Prescott, Jr., professional ISF-trained display calibrator at AV Chroma Cal LLC, contributing technical editor/reviewer at

Results of the Triple Laser Category

We are excited to reveal that newcomer Formovie’s THEATER projector captured the top honour in the Triple Laser category. This result is particularly exciting for us here at Pure Theatre as we are going to be bringing this model to the UK market. When we saw the capabilities of this projector we knew we had to bring it on board and these results further prove that this projector has earnt its place amongst some of the more well-known projectors.

This projector scored top marks in colour accuracy, detail, contrast, tone mapping and black levels whilst in HDR mode. Not only that but it supports Dolby Vision and is even the cheapest of the triple laser projectors tested.

UST Laser TV Showdown table triple laserUST Laser TV Showdown table triple laser

Results of the Single Laser Category

Equally as impressive are the results for the BenQ V7050i which came in first in the Single Laser category. The contrast and black levels on this projector make it stand out, coming top in all modes. See the results for yourself below:

UST Laser TV Showdown table single laserUST Laser TV Showdown table single laser

To read the full results of the showdown please visit the projector central link here.

Want to get your hands on the Formovie THEATER projector?

We will shortly have this projector on demo and available via our online store. If you would like to be the first to know when we have them in stock then drop us a message via our contact us form and we can add you to our VIP list.