20 October 2021

3 Types of Projector Screens

ceiling recessed projector screen down in living roomceiling recessed projector screen down in living room
ceiling recessed screen up in living roomceiling recessed screen up in living room

A Basic Introduction to Pure Theatre Projector Screens

Pure Theatre manufactures and supplies three types of Projector Screens: Ceiling Recessed Screens, Fixed Frame Screens and ALR Screens. When creating your Home Cinema System, choose the right projector screen for your projector and your visual requirements.

1. Ceiling Recessed Screens

As part of our Concealed Home Cinema Range, our Ceiling Recessed Screens offer a home cinema system without compromising your living space. Pure Theatre Recessed Screens effortlessly conceal into your ceiling when not in use. Our Ceiling Recessed Screen exhibits a flush appearance ensuring a decor-friendly design in your living space.


Key Features:

• With the touch of a button, your Projector Screen drops in less than 8 seconds.

• Manufactured using advanced Fibre Glass reinforced fabric which removes stretch and as such, is designed with the absence of tab tensioning. 

• A uniquely designed roller tube supports the fabric to ensure the projector screen is perfectly flat without visible tram lines.

• At only 11cm high, the compact screen can easily be fitted into existing ceilings. See how our Recessed Screens are installed into the ceiling.

•  Due to the isolation of the roller tube from the motor, our recessed screens are quiet and vibration free.

•  Our Ceiling Recessed Screens are available in sizes from 1.6m to 3m wide. 


Need help with deciding which screen size is best for you? Click Here for our distance calculator. Our Ceiling Recessed Screen is best for those wanting a Concealed Home Cinema System. These Projector Screens are suitable for standard definition, 4K and 8K Home Cinema Projectors.


2. Fixed Frame Screens


Our Nano Fixed Projector Screen is designed with a matt white fabric stretched over a rigid aluminium frame ensuring a flat, smooth surface. Our Nano Fixed Projector Screens are available from 100” to 150”.


You may have wondered whether it is possible to position speakers behind your screen, well with our Acoustic wall-mounted screen this is made possible. Fixed Frame Acoustic Screens feature a micro-woven 2-layer fabric that provides optimal sound transmission. Our Acoustic Fixed Projector Screens are available from 100” to 170”.

Our Fixed Frame Screens are suitable for standard definition, 4K and 8K Home Cinema Projectors in Dedicated Home Cinema Systems.

NOT applicable for Ultra-Short Throw Projectors

dedicated home cinema fixed projector screendedicated home cinema fixed projector screen

3. ALR Ultra-Short Throw Projector Screen

What many don’t realise is that Ultra Short Throw Projectors require a particular type of screen. An ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) Screen uses special technology to improve contrast and brightness.

The surface of an ALR Screen features an engraved toothed grid to target the reflection of the projected beam at a specific angle. With the help of an ALR Screen, you won't need to close your curtains or turn off your lights to achieve stunning image quality. Pure Theatre ALR Screens are available in either 100” or 120”.


  • Suitable for Ultra Short Throw Projectors ONLY
ALR Screen diagram with side viewALR Screen diagram with side view