Concealed Home Cinema featuring invisible speakers, Cardiff

JBL Conceal home cinema
3 July 2023

Concealed Home Cinema featuring invisible speakers, Cardiff

Concealed Home Cinema, Cardiff

Specialising in concealed home cinema our team at Pure Theatre are always looking for products which help customers achieve this look. When JBL introduced their Conceal range of speakers we were excited to bring them on board. This customer in Cardiff is one of the first completed installs of a full JBL Conceal system.


This lounge showcases a fully concealed home cinema system that is completley invisible when not in use. Everything from the projector to the speakers is hidden away leaving nothing but a beautiful room. Projection comes from the popular Epson EH-LS11000W projector housing in our flagship CR50 projector lift. The customer enjoys a 95" screen thanks to the Pure Theatre CR220 ceiling recessed Projector Screen. 


The invisible sound system is made up of two JBL Conceal C83 and a JBL Conceal C82W Invisible Subwoofer System in the front wall and four JBL Conceal C62 Speakers in the ceiling. The innovative design of these speakers means that they are skimmed up to and then painted over. Unlike other plaster in speakers, which we feel suffer from a muffled sound output, these speakers offer superb sound quality.