10 January 2023



Next level media wall in Northampton

Lovely room from one of our customers. Featuring our CR300 Projector Screen providing a whopping 131" viewing area, recessed into the custom built cabinetry. Projection comes from the Laser EH-LS11000W projector from Epson, hidden away in the CR50 projector lift.

Sound comes from a Monitor Audio setup including 2 x CP-IW260X In-Wall Speakers fitted into the front cabinetry, a Monitor Audio CP-IW260X In-Wall Speaker for the centre, 2x CP-WT380IDC In-Wall Speakers for surrounds and 2 x Monitor Audio CP-CT380-IDC In-Ceiling Speakers. Finished off with a REL T7x Subwoofer and controlled from an Arcam AVR5 AV Receiver.