JVC has announced 3 New Home Cinema Projectors

JVC Projector close up
2 November 2021

JVC has announced 3 New Home Cinema Projectors

JVC has announced 3 New Home Cinema Projectors

Not one, not two but three New Home Cinema Projectors have been announced by JVC. Introduced as the D-ILA lineup: the DLA-NZ9, DLA-NZ8 and DLA-NZ7 are the latest JVC Projectors to be added to the Precision and Reference JVC series. The most exciting feature of the JVC projectors is that they each feature pixel shifting technology which can receive 8K! Essentially, JVC has launched three 8K Projectors with HDMI inputs capable of 8K/60p and 4K/120p. 

World First 8K Input Home Theatre Projectors


JVC DLA NZ9 ProjectorJVC DLA NZ9 Projector


JVC DLA NZ8 ProjectorJVC DLA NZ8 Projector


JVC DLA NZ7 ProjectorJVC DLA NZ7 Projector

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What can be expected from the New JVC Projectors?


 With the largest lens, the JVC DLA-NZ9 is the most expensive of the three. We are certain the features will justify why. 

What is the brightness?

With an incredible brightness of 3000 lumens using a BLUEscent laser light source, the DLA-NZ9 produces colour and brightness as close to how we perceive true colour.

What is the contrast ratio?

THE DZ9 features a native contrast ratio of over 100,000:1 with infinite dynamic contrast.

Additional Specifications

Using JVC's updated form of pixel shifting technology (an upgrade from 8K e-shift), JVC can display 8K. Of course, the DLA-NZ9 also produces outstanding 4K resolution imagery. Another feature new for the release of the NZ9 includes two additional 48 gigabits per second HDMI inputs to specifically support gaming systems. All important for gamers, the DLA-NZ9 offers a Low Latency mode, minimising display delays for faster responses when receiving signals from your favourite gaming consoles. 

JVC projector specification tablesJVC projector specification tables


JVC DLA-NZ8 has been marketed as the mid-range Laser Projector. Although it's not as bright as the DLA-NZ9, it still shares many of the JVC's renowned features. 

What is the brightness?

The JVC DLA-NZ8 offers exceptionally high brightness, with 2,500 lumens of brightness, so just 500 less than the NZ9.

What is the contrast ratio?

JVC DLA NZ8 also features a high native contrast of 80,000:1 creating detail essential to feel immersed in your favourite movies.

Additional Specifications

  • Impressive 3 chip 0.69inch native 4K D-ILA chipset.
  •  Generous ±80% vertical/±34% horizontal lens shift
  •  Auto Tone Mapping function automatically adjusts for HDR10
  • Wide Colour Gamut above exceeds DCI/P3 spec creating saturated imagery
  • Low Latency Mode
8k laser image8k laser image


Despite being the most affordable of the three, the JVC DLA-NZ7 doesn’t fail to provide excitement. 

What is the brightness?

Maintaining a high brightness of 2,200 lumens, the JVC DLA-NZ7 is also equipped for Home Cinema Systems.

What is the contrast ratio?

The native contrast ratio is 40,000:1 encouraging a life-like image for your home entertainment.

Additional Specifications

  • Impressive 3 chip 0.69inch native 4K D-ILA chipset.
  • Generous ±80% vertical/±34% horizontal lens shift
  • Uses Motion Enhance technology which aims to minimise motion blur
  • Supports HDR10+ and Frame Adapt HDR
close up of JVA Laser projectorclose up of JVA Laser projector

Latest JVC Projector's Checklist

  • 3D Capable
  • Chip Type - 0.69-inch 4K D-ILA device
  • Light Source - Laser
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) and HDR10+ Support
  • Frame Adapt HDR (dynamically changes tone mapping)
  • All Glass Lenses

JVC have upgraded their technology to ensure an outstanding visual experience in the form of 8K, suitable for Home Cinema fanatics as well as those just starting their home entertainment system.

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