2 November 2021

What is an Ultra Short Throw Projector?

Beginners Guide to an Ultra Short Throw

Substituting traditional flatscreen televisions, Ultra Short Throw (UST) Projectors essentially ‘throw’ an image onto the screen from a very short distance. UST feature an advanced wide angle lens combined with impressive technology to take up little of your living space with a minimum throw distance.

Benq v6050 black ultra short throw projector infront of an ALR Screen with pink female faceBenq v6050 black ultra short throw projector infront of an ALR Screen with pink female face

Where are UST Projectors positioned?

Ultra Short Throws are positioned slightly in front of the projector screen and directly under, usually on a TV unit, stand or low cabinet. Without the need for mounting, Ultra Short Throw Projectors are a popular choice for Home Cinema Systems. The image below shows the projection distance from the UST to the Projector Screen.

What distance is recommended from a UST to the Projector screen?

Screen size is important when positioning the UST correctly.

(Based on a 16:9 display)

Diagonal Screen Size Width (mm) x Height (mm) Screen Size Projection Distance (mm)
100" 2214 x 1245 222
120" 2657 x 1494 331
Throw distance diagram from three projectors to screenThrow distance diagram from three projectors to screen

Are UST Projectors good?

It has been speculated whether UST Projectors are as good as regular projectors, this is an easy answer. Yes. Many don't realise that Ultra Short Throw Projectors can still produce 4K. They deliver exceptional brightness, designed for well-lit rooms, they even offer this advantage over regular throw projectors.

Do UST Projectors need a special screen?

Ultra Short Throw Projectors require an ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) Projector Screen. The surface of an ALR Screen features a finely engraved toothed grid which provides a targeted reflection of the projected beam at a specific angle. Simply, an ALR screen selectively reflects light.

(Our Ceiling Recessed Screens and Standard Fixed Frame Screens are not compatible with UST Projectors)

Ambient Light Rejecting Screen DiagramAmbient Light Rejecting Screen Diagram

Create your Home Cinema or simply upgrade your TV using only an Ultra Short Throw Projector and an ALR Screen to experience 4K quality in the comfort of your own home. If you aren't quite ready to purchase, why not take a look at an Ultra Short Throw in action at our Demo room in Telford, Shropshire.